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They're Here! Limited Editions 

As promised I've begun again with  Limited Edition prints. These represent the best I could do, see more lower on this page or for more information contact me.  Check back or follow me on Facebook For those wanting to subscribe to our mail list click the link available at the bottom of each page.

About D'Arcy

The beginning

I've won no awards (I don’t enter contests), no formal photographic training (other than a class in high school). I have a passion for photography. Is that enough? it seems to have been. 

I have no skill in creating with my hands, I can't draw an apple and have it look like an apple. I do however have the ability to "see" a picture. That, along with the passion, a desire to learn and an understanding of composition has been all I needed.

Thank you to Mr David Knox, my high school geography teacher who used a photo I had done of the Yukon River in Alaska as an example of a meandering river. His approval was the catalyst in my taking a photographic course the next year - the rest is as they say history.

Thank you also Kathy Scott and the nurses at Collingwood General and Marine hospital. The enthusiasm you showed way back at the start was the catalyst for my photographic endeavors over the years.

Thank you to my wonderful wife Ingrid who never complains about the gear I buy, listens (mostly) to me blithering on about the latest lens, camera or must have shiny trinket. For being my sounding board and biggest inspiration. You truly are a gift form God.

Thank you to my late wife Pauline. You were there at the beginning through the good times and the bad, you will never be forgotten.

I have been hired to photograph  multi million dollar real estate holdings, met and photographed a presidential candidate, a Canadian Supreme Court Justice. I was booked solid photographing weddings during the season. I've owned three art galleries and had showings that resulted in sell outs of original works.  I've been on retainer by local Chamber of Commerce creating images for their website and promotion. I've done work for a Japanese motor company, various police and fire departments. I've had photos used by the US Veterans Administration and Hartcore publishing in New York for a children's science book and my images have been sold all over the world in some form or another. 

I use a variety of equipment, my favorite is Nikon D series digital and both the Nikon F4s and F5 for film. I still use a Hasselblad 500CM medium format camera. For video I use the Nikon D500, Osmo Action and Osmo Pocket both by DJI. For arial photography, I use a Mavic 2 Pro of coarse there are the tripods, flashes and various “gizmos” that make life easier. 

I use a variety of photo software including Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Luminar AI.

DArcy Evans

Untitled photo

People make the most interesting landscapes - each is uniquely different.

The Opthamologist

A Look Back

Sample images from over the years. Although I don't accept commercial work anymore there was a time I was very busy, he is a snippet of some of those images. I loved working with people but but it was affecting my passion, I wasn't doing what I wanted to do so I gave it up and moved on.

Limited Editions (If ther're going to be limited - let them be limited)

Guardian Angel $2995.00

Limited Editions

The value of limited editions lies in their availability. We've keep the editions small, these are not posters where there are thousands printed. Our editions run from three to twenty - that's it. Size is also important, to maintain the integrity of the image within the edition, all images in a series are identical. If for instance the image is 24x36 inches - all the Images in the set are 24x36. Limited Editions are not available in any other format, no mugs, posters, t-shirts etc. 


I have a collection of limited edition art that was never framed. Why? there was always something more important going on, making time to go to a frame shop - who has time for that? What if there was an easier way of doing things, turns out there is! Our Limited Editions are all printed to metal. Expected life is 200 years, how cool is that! You have a lot of money tied up in your fine art images, they should last - a long time. Consider this, no frame to worry about, no glass that can break and cleaning and dusting can be a pain. With metal prints there is no frame, they are floated about 1/2 inch from the wall and you clean them with a damp cloth.

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