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As time is limited and web updating is sometimes involved, I'm suggesting you spend some time on my Avon Blog Page there, I can post new thoughts and ideas more readily and I like the format because it's more interactive. I urge you to comment on those ideas and I hope you'll become a follower!

The purpose of this website is to assist both new Avon Representatives and those looking for a fresh start. If you've been here before you'll notice a change to the Avon pages. I've decided to incorporate the whole site into my info pages. If this is your first visit I encourage you to take a moment to view all pages related to this subject, there just my be something for you on another page. Just click a link below or go to the link to the left "more tips".
We will discuss such topics as brochures, ideas on how to use them and why. If you are new to the business there are things you should do first to help get your business off the ground. I've seen many Avon Business struggle because the representative lacks the necessary motivation to get it going and keep it going. We'll also be discussing leadership, why it's important, what to expect from yours and if you become a Unit Leader what will be expected from you. No business can survive with out advertising, but where to start, Avon business cards, newspaper, brochures it can be mind boggling, but with a little thought we can wade through this. This site is a work in progress, I invite you to I hope you find the information useful, feel free to share it with those associated with your business.

Are You Reaching Your Full Potential Selling Avon?

Building a successful Avon business is more about business attitude than selling Avon. Here we discuss business ideas and how they pertain to operating and building your business. This is about being motivated and being able to motivate those in your business. Those Ladies that have reached Senior Executive unit Leader didn't get there because they were lucky and they didn't sell there way to the top either.

Lets Keep in Touch

I'm a real person just like you, I have a family, a home and a job, I've been in business for over 25 years and much of the information provided is business oriented with an Avon slant. I invite you to join me on Facebook If you have a specific Avon topic that I haven't covered and you think would be of interest to other ladies, contact me. Just fill out the form with your comments. (I don't send out a mail list and I don't sell lists so you need not worry about spam).

Sell Your Avon

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The Truth (as I see it anyway)

I've watched many ladies get all excited about living the lavish lifestyle portrayed on Avon's promotional material. Can you achieve it - Absolutely! But most won't, Why? I suppose because they forget that it requires devotion and commitment. You must keep the dream (or reason) in front of you. Its also important to realize that, Rome wasn't built in a day. And you must also realize that you may have to do things a little different. I've included some tips about the business as well as some creative products that HAVE worked for us, you can use them too or design your own.more on truth


It's Up To YOU

The fact that you're here looking to improve sales or grow your business is an indication you're already taking the first steps necessary to become successful. This site has been visited by thousands of Ladies from all over the world, most are here for a short time, many bookmark us and come back. Now let me ask you a couple of questions. Over time who do think will be more successful, the Representative that drops by for a few moments, or the one that invests a little time and comes back now and again to see what's new? Your time is valuable as is mine, if I can be of assistance in pointing you in the right direction, by sharing with you my point of view than I'm satisfied. The adds are here to help pay for the site, and hopeful will also assist you on your journey, many of them you may find interesting and further your knowledge.

I'm Trying To Help

I believe its a husbands responsibility to help or at least encourage his wife - Not always so apparently. I've noticed that most Representatives are on their own and many receive little assistance from District Managers, Up Line, husbands or significant others. I work with my wife because I see the commitment she has to her business, her Ladies and her customers.

Six Important Points You need To Know

Introduce the product to your customers

Educate them as to why they should deal with you and the Avon product line.

Persist - If you have customers be there, don't give a brochure then never go back - keep going back

Deliver the best service you can - if a product is on back order, go the extra mile, if you don't someone else will!

Share the opportunity with others.

Train those as you have been trained!

Sell More Avon

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Be A Work At Home Mom

Everyone needs a hot button perhaps yours is to be a stay at home mom, be there for the kids when the leave for school or perhaps your little ones are not yet in school and you understand the importance of working your own hours. Perhaps your not interested building a large network of Ladies but simply to have a few customers. Isn't it great this is an opportunity for you also. There are many different ways to generate income while working at home but few offer the stability of the Avon Corporation.
For those that are busy building their mega networking empire don't rule out these fine moms, there are more of them than you may realize, and they will provide a stable mix to your downline.

Are You An e-Rep? You Should Be

If you're going to compete with the movers and shakers you need to be serious about your business. You will need to attract sales whenever and wherever you can. Being an e-rep allows you to tap the internet with your own Avon site (you can customize it somewhat) you can direct friends and family from out of town to your site, customers that move can still deal with you. Your customers can order from the site, you get an e-mail informing you of the order. You will know if the customer has prepaid or if you have to collect when you deliver. The order is either sent to them (if they prepaid) or if sent to you, you'll collect. The cost is around $7.50 USD per campaign, and you go to to sign-up. The cost is waived if you have an order through your site (for each campaign that you have an online order)
If you're in leadership and want to use the downline manager you will need to be an e-rep.
Remember to put you web address on your brochures, business cards, bumper sticker etc. you never know who will see your information.

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Advertising is A Must

I know that Representatives don't have much money to spent on advertising. We both know that you have to do something! Sure the brochures are the best idea - but we've tried buttons like the ones below and they really do work. The price is minimal. Just put one on, wear it around and someone will approach you. Yup it's just that easy! Your upline know this - and the farther up you go, the more you'll find they spend! Think of it this way - If you want to be at the top think like they do. I don't know of any way to build a business without advertising. We all know the caveman from Geiko right? What do you think of when you think of Affleck? So let me ask you this. How do you advertise
your business? If you're not achieving the levels you know that you can then you need to understand what the problem is. We use a more subtle (less annoying approach) its more subjective - lets face it every one wants to make more money right? What if you were wearing a sweatshirt that offered folks to do just that - MAKE MORE money? Check out the items we've provided and you will see how you can turn yourself into a BILLBOARD for your own business. more on advertising

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