Advertising Your Business

Your business will be as big as you want it to be. Perhaps you want it to be massive, you want the big bucks, fine cars, trips around the world and so on and so on....
Or maybe just helping with the bills is more realistic. You know, paying the electric bill, going out for diner now and again. Does this sound more like you?
Regardless of how big your business is or you hope it to be you will need to let others know about your business. Here are a few ideas that may be of help.

Be A Mud Slinger

I'm sure you've heard the saying "throw enough mud on the wall and some of it will stick"! That's absolutely right! Your goal if you want to make it in this business is not to think of yourself as an "Avon Representative" but THE AVON LADY. Every town in America is loaded with Representatives of some sort - Mary Kay, Amway, Tuperware and yes Avon. Most are rather wishy washy. If you want to make a splash you need to all you can to let the folks you know and come in contact with what you do, there is no being timid in direct sales - having said that you don't have to be pushy either, be savvy!

Getting The Word Out There

So what is Advertising and how is it important to your new business?
Simple really. you need to think of any way possible to let the whole world (or perhaps just your community) know about your business, try to get the biggest bang for your buck - that's just good business.
This is America, capitalism at its finest, everywhere you look someone is advertising something. Well now you have something to advertise - Your Avon Business.

Simple Works Best!

The button to the right I pulled from ebay you can do a search "Avon Buttons" and voila! They only cost a few bucks but are very effective. Actually we buy them by the dozen and give them out to those in our downline as incentives. The concept is self evident; put the button on and wear it everywhere you go, you will be amazed at how many people actually do ask!
Note: Always, Always have a brochure with you (or within easy reach) and remember when you've given them the brochure be sure to get their name and phone number because you'll need to "get back with them". Important: Get back with them - you're in this to make money, brochures cost money, if you wait for them to call you with an order you'll never hear from them again. Once you develop the habit you'll be amazed at how many new customers you pick up - and they approached you - how cool is that! Spend some time thinking - just being aware of all the advertising going on all around you. Is there a particular type that grabs you.  Remember that every single thing that pertains to advertising a product or idea has been thought out by someone. How big the add, colors used, notable celebrities, think of the Geiko lizard or the fool singing about "free credit report". Now your job is to promote your  business and yourself.  Together with the information on all these pages (and anywhere else you can find it)  create an image of you and your business.

Look for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

 Business Cards

Your Avon business card will play a major role in the promoting of your business. If you've visited the page brochures you'll perhaps discover ways to incorporate your business card into your marketing. As for the card itself well I suppose that is personal choice. The one you see here is a sample I've put together for you to consider (I don't sell business cards this is only for illustration). I like the photo cards for several reasons, people rarely throw away photographs, they convey style and class (representative hopefully of your business) and they'll stand out in a crowd. There are several links on these and subsequent pages where you can get your first batch of cards for free! You can even design them yourself online; a good start in designing your own personal card. attitude they are free and good

OK, you've got you cards now what, remember 1000 business cards in the box at home is not making you any money, think of creative ways to get rid of them, the faster the better!
Making business cards on your home computer is an option but in the long run it is far more expensive to print large quantities.
Keep your card simple, company logo, good samples can be seen on the Avon website (Advantage - companies provide their service to Avon Representatives. If you don't have one yet or don't care for those that are available that's fine, your local printer can often provide you with what you're looking for.

Should get you thinking....

Ways To Get Them Out There

News Paper Advertising

Check to see what other representatives are doing in your area. If there are others advertising in the paper you'll need to be more creative in what you say. you may say some thing like...
" Would and extra $300.00 help you out each month? Call Sally Smith Independent Sales Representative at 555-1212 *note income will vary".
Or for sales...
" You've seen the adds on the television; contact your Representative; Sally Smith at 555-1212".
Keep in mind to be brief - the bigger the add the more it will cost. The size of the circulation will also determines the price.

Using Brochures

This is a topic that stands all on its own and as such I've dedicated a page to discuss the different aspects of using your Avon Brochures

Having a Party!

You should throw a party when you've first opened your business. You can pick up a snack tray from Walmart or make your own if you like, and naturally some refreshments, make it nice but not too fancy, remember your purpose is to introduce your business. You may consider a party celebrating Fathers Day, Mothers Day, before Christmas, Spring is Here. You get the idea, create a theme, get in some products ahead of time to have available to display and sell at the event.
Things to consider
Are kids allowed?
Have you built your list of invitee's?
What will you serve?
Will someone else hostess your party? What will there their gift be?
Think of some games to play.
If your in leadership do you have extra kits on hand for new sign - ups.
Do you have ample brochures and samples?
Think each party through, remember that although you invite 20 - 25 you'll be doing good if only half show up. People mean well but sometimes life gets in the way.
If possible call those that have been invited a few days in advance to remind them.
Ask yourself. Is this party going to be fun for the participants? If it's not they will be reluctant to come to the next one!

Sell Your Avon

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